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Clipper in a barrel race

Patriotic Painted Ponies

Everybody loves Susie the Monkey!

Sequoia Pole Bending

Live Pet Show Visit

Pony Painting for Patriotic Week

Summer Day Camp at Rosaire's Riding Academy!

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM daily
June 13 through Aug 12.

$280 per week
$1000 per month
(Any 4 consecutive weeks)

Children ages 6 years and up can join us by the week, a month, or for a whole summer filled with horses, ponies,farm animals, fun, friends and adventure. Campers will learn new skills and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Beginners to advanced riders.

  • Riding Lessons - on our beautiful and gentle kid-safe horses.
  • Pony Workshop - where kids learn to handle, lead, groom & love ponies.
  • Pony Obstacle Course - Lead your favorite pony through a challenging course.
  • Petting Zoo Time - Play with our friendly critters including our new baby goats!
  • Camp Games - A variety of fun-packed games and challenges.
  • Barebacking - A fun way to learn balance and bond with your horse.

Every day brings a new adventure....what will it be next?

When the weather is just the best, Rosaire's offers camp for boys and girls from 6 to 15, with horseback riding lessons, pony workshop, barebacking, Party Animals Petting Zoo, animal care classes, games, ice cream, and all-around fun!

Our motto at Rosaire's Riding Academy is "we love to horse around", and that's no joke. We take our fun very seriously and this winter promises to be even better than ever. For over 15 years my husband Kazi "The Pony Man" and I have been teaching children ages 6 and up not just how to ride and handle horses and ponies, but how to enjoy every minute spent with these beautiful creatures.

Our camps provide a fun learning experience for children, teaching them all about horses, ponies and a variety of other awesome animals. Every day brings a new adventure. The animals in our petting zoo are always happy to have the kids in for a visit and swimming, nature walks, and a variety of group and individual activities fill our days.

Supply List:
  • A packed lunch and water bottle with your name on it
  • Long pants & boots or heeled shoes.
  • Shorts (if weather permits) and sneakers for playing.
  • Ice Cream Money…the Ice cream truck comes some days.
  • We supply helmets and have some loaner boots available.
  • Bring a smile and be ready to have fun!!!

This camp is under all-adult supervision, outside and in the air-conditioned clubhourse. You can register by email, or by calling (941) 356-3993.

Come join in the fun for one day or all!

Places fill up fast!

Register here

(Please provide contact info, child's name & age and dates attending.)

Happy Trails!

Riding at Rosaire's Horse Camp

Loving Horses at Rosaire's Horse Camp
Best Friends at Rosaire's Horse Camp
Jumping at Rosaire's Horse Camp
Jumping at Rosaire's Horse Camp
Horses at the Lake at Rosaire's Horse Camp

Siberian Tiger

Up close with a real live Siberian Tiger.

When Big Cat Encounter is in town, camps can take a field trip to see real lions, and tigers, and bears, and more! Big Cat Encounter rescues these phenomenal animals from difficult situations, and shows what they can do, when treated kindly.

Rachel and Lemur

Rachel finds a lemur friend!